Colors for 100% US grown cotton yarn choices are above! When you order your hat, just note which color(s) you'd like it created in!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Intruducing the "Abby" Hat!

Custom designed for my three year old granddaughter who is a HUGE fan of this adorable fairy, the "Abby" hat is Bright Pink with Purple trim, purple and pink pom-pom pony tails. She has braids of those two colors and Bright Blue to match her eyes. Her eyes are three dimensional - the eyelashes stick out just like ours! How cool is that? "Abby" also sports pretty yellow flowers in her "hair"!

Toddler (ages 1-4) $25, Kids (ages 4-12) $28.

Isn't she adorable? I can't wait to see my granddaughter in this hat!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Custom Hats!

I'm working these up for all the fans of these crazy birds! The Yellow bird as well as the Green pig are also available!

Solid red, with tuft on top of hat.
White and black trim. Red, black and white braids.

Solid Bright Blue, with tuft on top of hat.
White and black trim. Blue, black and white braids.

Toddler (ages 1-4) $25, Kids (ages 4-12) $28, Big Kids (ages 13+) $30. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Custom Rhinoceros Hat!

Custom order rhinoceros hat, with a horn that sticks out and little pointy ears - too cute!

The little boy who ordered this hat did not want braids... so, no braids, lol!

The cotton yarn does not come in gray (let alone two shade of gray!) so this one is made with a wonderfully soft acrylic.

Toddler (ages 1-4) $18, Kids (ages 4-12) $21, Big Kids (ages 13+) $25. 

Sorry, this is no longer available.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Komfy-Kozie Owl Hat - Boy Colors!

These colors are perfect for a little boy!

(Red on top, Dark Denim with Light Denim trim.)

Toddler (ages 1-4) $18, Kids (ages 4-12) $21, Big Kids (ages 13+) $25. Please add $4.95 for Priority shipping if you need it mailed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Custom Newborn Reindeer Hat

Look at this adorable Reindeer Hat! Or should I say Rudolph Hat? It was made to loosely fit a newborn for those precious Christmas photos. Think Christmas cards!

It was done is super soft and fuzzy acrylic with 100% US grown cotton accent yarn.

This hat is $25 (shipping not included) -  my contact info is on the sidebar.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Custom Hats, too!

This one was created for my neighbor's niece who lives out of state:

Note the rope twist rather than braids... a good option when choosing only two colors. The mouth on this one was done with the dark pink... if I was making this for a boy, I'd use red instead. The square topped hats take more yarn than the round so the price for this is a bit higher ...

Toddler (ages 1-4) $20, Kids (ages 4-12) $25, Big Kids (ages 13+) $30.

Sorry - this is no longer available.

Little Girl's Cloche with Flower (also called a Beanie)

So much fun to make and wear! A must have in all colors for every little girl!

(Lavender with Purple trim and White flower.)

(Bright Pink with Variegated Pink trim and Lime flower.) 

Some additional options:

Each hat sports a 3-4" flower and a coordinating button from my grandmother's collection!
Child sizes are $15, adults sizes are $18.

Komfy - Kozie Owl Hats!

 In any colors you choose... here are some examples:

(Bright Pink on top, Purple with Bright Blue trim.)

(Bright Pink on top, Variegated Rose with Bright Pink trim.)

(Orange on top, Bright Blue with Yellow trim.)

Toddler (ages 1-4) $18, Kids (ages 4-12) $21, Big Kids (ages 13+) $25. Please add $4.95 for Priority shipping if you need it mailed.